Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Democratic National Convention Update

I recently returned from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, and what an awesome experience it was. Receiving a once in a lifetime blessing to broadcast my Radio Show - WORT 89.9 FM live from inside the Time Warner Arena was an absolute treat. I arrived on Sunday September 2nd, and immediately involved myself with various activities. Interviewing Protesters, Wisconsin Delegates and watching President Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama speech in person was amazing.

Preparing to Broadcast Live from the Democratic National Convention.          
Posing PETER W. BARCA - Assembly Minority Leader 64th Assembly District - Post Interview Photo

This was a great experience to report live each night. I enjoyed broadcasting next to TV personality Geraldo Rivera, and meeting the likes of Jesse Jackson, Wendel Pierce from Waiting To Exhale, CNN's Donna Brazille and Discrimination Attorney Gloria Allred. Great interviews and great people.   


Friday, May 16, 2008

Setting Better Examples For The Youth

As founder of the Rebalanced-Life Wellness Association, my vision is to change the culture of wellness within the African-American community that benefits not only our current generation, but provides hope for generations of young people to come.

I have personally witness just in this past year, many close friends and colleagues who allowed illness to force them to begin taking part in regular physical activity. By all means, beginning an exercise program at any point in one's life will always trump not exercising, but it's my personal mission to encourage a lifestyle change within the adult community, that positively influence our youth. They will follow whatever example we set for them, so let's get busy for their sake! With support from sponsors like Novo Nordisk Pharmaceutical, we as a community can and will do better by our youth....


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Introducing IronmanAaron's Blog

Welcome to this thing called Aaron's Journey. Now that my knee is repaired, please follow as I prepare for the 2013 triathlon season of Swimming, Cycling and Running, all with Diabetes on board. Some of you may ask the question, "Why start so early?" and my response is, "I'm older, wiser, more focused and more determined".